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Schroeder Solar offers:

Compliance Engineering

  • European Directives, such as the Machinery, Low Voltage, Medical, and Pressure Equipment Directive plus many IEC and EN standards, such as 60950-1, 60204-1, 60825-1, 60065, 60335-1, 61010-1, 60601-1 and more.
  • Industrial Semiconductor Machinery Guidelines, SEMI®
  • UL standards and procedures.
  • US Code of Federal Regulations for Laser safety.
  • Product development.
  • Development of AC and DC power distribution networks.
  • FDA 510K Submissions.
  • European environmental RoHS and WEEE Directives
  • IPxx testing

Solar Signature Measurement

We analyze your proposed location for solar power panels or solar hot water panels using the industry standard Solar Pathfinder™ which generates a shade analysis derived from any trees, buildings or other objects that could cast shadows. Our computer generated report will show the percentage of sunlight that is available over the entire year. This percentage is used when requesting incentive payments from the Energy Trust of Oregon,.

Solar Array Design

We can design a solar panel array or solar hot water system that will best suit the space available and the needs of the customer.

Project Management

We can take charge of all of the details of your solar installation so that you don't have to. We will guide your solar project from start to finish.

Web Page Maintenance

It is often the case that web pages gradually reach a state where the details displayed are not quite accurate anymore. The initial design may be done by an outside firm that does original desgins but not maintenance, or by someone in the company who has moved on. Phone numbers change, names change, company products change, but it isn't worth a complete web page re-design in order to repair these details. We will quickly correct these errors while keeping the original design in place and without web page down time. These tasks might be to:

  • Update Text and Images
  • Add Pages
  • Add a Subdomain
  • Repair Broken Links
  • Move your page to a new ISP
  • Add a contact form
  • Add "captcha" to an existing contact form
  • Change email addresses
  • Add a favicon favicon to your web site.

Cell: 503-799-1784

Email: george@schroedersolar.com

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